Adult Circumcision Surgery

Adult Circumcision Surgery

Adult Circumcision Surgery

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Adult Circumcision Surgery :- In adult men, the circumcision surgery trend is a continuously rising one. Often, surgeons perform this procedure under local or regional anesthesia. In many cases, the common indications for this procedure include recurrent phimosis, balanitis, posthitis, and paraphimosis.

Along with clinical reasons, there are some non-medical reasons why men opt for adult circumcision surgery, including religious, social, and cultural reasons.

Adult Circumcision Surgery

Depending on the technique your surgeon prefers, the time it takes for the surgery is an hour and sometimes even less. The common technique surgeons use for the circumcision of adult’s is the dorsal slit and sleeve technique.

Patients who suffer from phimosis prefer this option compared to the others. However, the preference varies from patient to patient and some prefer the sleeve resection method, which provides some more support for the penis and patient when it comes to bleeding in patients with large subcutaneous veins. Before going under the knife, it is vital to understand that you need to consult an expert first.

Although it is a safe procedure with rare chances of complications, some may include infection, bleeding, and changes in sexual pleasure, as well as poor results in terms of appearance.

Circumcision Surgery in Men

The adult circumcision surgery procedure usually lasts for an hour and as mentioned above, you need to choose the right surgeon who has enough experience in the art of circumcision. Choose a surgeon based on priority, such as a Circumcision Center expert. Then you need to decide whether you want the surgery to be in the hospital operating room or office setting. The next consideration is whether you want the procedure to be under intravenous sedation anesthesia or local anesthesia.

Adult Circumcision Surgery in men

Men often worry whether they should consider choosing the option to go for a cut or not, but this only depends on different factors. No matter your reasons to opt for the surgery, know that circumcision involves the surgical removal of the excess skin or foreskin of the penis.

The World Health Organization estimates that about 30-33% male between ages 15 and above opts for the adult circumcision surgery on average. In the United States, men often opt for this procedure because of health indications but some men have personal preferences.

The Types of Anesthesia for Circumcision

Experienced plastic surgeons can perform the surgery under the effects of local anesthesia using a surgical injection for the pain to subside around the penis. Under local anesthesia, you will we awake but have no feeling of pain. The surgeon will then perform the adult circumcision surgery under sterile conditions in their office setting or operating room.

However, the IV sedation or the general anesthesia will require the skills of an experienced anesthesiologist to inject the patient. Even though it is common to perform this in an office setup, it is preferable to opt for this in a hospital setting or surgical setting.

Keep in mind that under the effects of this anesthesia, you will go into a deep sleep, where you will feel nothing. Before the surgery, you should discuss all the options and possible risks with your anesthesiologist before the surgery.

Which One Is The Best Choice?

Based on most clinics, more than 90% of men prefer to go under the knife for the cut under the effects of local anesthesia. In a typical situation, of the adult circumcision surgery procedure needs a penile block, local anesthesia should set the base for a safe and painless one. Men report that the pain threshold can last from 1-3 out of 10, where 10 is for the highest pain threshold and one is the least.

Patients who have concerns regarding pain can go for general or intravenous injections, but this is not a recommendable choice. Local anesthesia is the safest and best choice, which lets you breathe well on your own.

Choosing local anesthesia

The surgeon will inject local anesthesia in the incision areas, to numb the pain. As the patient, you will be fully awake and in your senses, but you will not feel the pain.

local anesthesia adult circumcision surgery

General Anesthesia

This type of anesthesia will give you a different experience but it will put you in a deep sleep where you will not remember anything. Upon waking up you won’t feel the pain immediately, but when the effects wear off, the pain will rise all over again.

Know that the anesthesia choice will also have an effect on the cost of the circumcision procedure. Under the effects of local anesthesia, the surgery is the least expensive. Compared to local, general is more expensive and attracts hospital charges as well as surgical costs.

adult circumcision surgery in men

Right before you opt for the adult circumcision surgery, it is best that you discuss all the concerns and options with your circumcision surgeon and anesthesiologist. Of course, the best option is to conduct a thorough research on your own and choose the one you feel most comfortable with in terms of experience and skills.

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