Bodybuilding is a training which is not used to develop functional strength but it is used to develop functional strength but it is used to increase the size of the muscles. In other words, Bodybuilding is the sport which makes your body proportionally shaped and fit. It not makes only a shaped body but also makes fit mind.

Muscle building is not only a sport but it is a physical activity which tells about a way by which we can maintain fitness. So today here I will give you the complete information about this Game.

History of Bodybuilding

Bodybuilding is developed by German Eugen Sandow in late 19th in England. He is also called as the “Father of bodybuilding”. Eugen Sandow had many stage shows and finally, in 1936 the Oscar-winning film “The Great Ziegfeld” depicts the starting of the modern body show competition.


On September 14, 1901, at Royal Albert Hall in London, Sandow organized the first body-building contest called “Great Competition”. This contest was judged by Eugen Sandow, Charles Lawes, and Sir Arthur Canon Doyle. Frederick Pomeroy is the chief guest and he presents the Gold statue of Sandow to the winner.

Willam L.Murry of Nottingham has secured the first position, D.cooper was the second place winner and A.C Smythe was third in that competition.

After the “ Great competition” success, on 16th January 1904 at Madison square garden in New York, the first bodybuilding competition took place. It was promoted by Bernard Macfadden. The winner was AI Treloar. He won a $ 1000 cash prize.

The popularity of bodybuilding become more in 1950 and 1960. The most famous bodybuilder in 1950 and 1960 was Bill Perl, Reg Park, Leroy Colbert, and Clarance Ross.

International Professional Bodybuilding Competitions

AAU Mr. America

Arnold Classic

Arnold Sports Festival

Sheru Classic

Pro Mr. America

Omaha Pro

NABBA World Championship

NABBA Universe

Mr. World

Mr. America

Mr. Australia

Mr. Olympia

Mr. International

Ms. Olympia

IFBB Mr. America

Mr. India

Poses Judge in Bodybuilding

1 Front Double Biceps


2 Front Lateral Spread

front lats

3 Side Chest

side chest

4 Side Triceps

side triceps

5 Rear Lateral Spread

body building

6 Rear Double Biceps

back double

7 Abdominal With Thighs

abdominal Bodybuilding

Mr. Olympia Winners

Name Winning Years
Larry Scott 1965-1966
Sergio Oliva 1967-1969
Arnold Schwarzenegger 1970-1975, 1980
Franco Columbu 1976, 1981
Frank Zane 1977-1979
Chris Dickerson 1982
Samir Banhout 1983
Lee Haney 1984-1991
Dorian Yates 1992-1997
Roonie Colmen 1998-2005
Jay Cutler 2006-2007,2009-210
Dexter Jackson 2008
Phil. heath 2011-2018

 Top Bodybuilding Federation of the World

NPC:-  Nation Physique Committee

NABBA:- National Amateur Body-Builders’ Association

WABBA:- World Amateur Body Building Association

WFF:-World Fitness Federation

IBBF:- International Body Building Federation

IFBB:- International Federation of Body Building

WBF:-World Bodybuilding Federation

Top 10 Indian Bodybuilder

1 Murli Kumar

mutli kumar

2 Sangram Chougule

sangram bhai

3 Shuhas Kamkar

shuhas bhai bodybuilding

4 Ankur Sharma

ankurs indian

5 Ashish Sakharkar

ashish Bodybuilding

6 Rajender Mani

Rajender mani

7 Hira Lal

heera lala ji

8 Varinder Singh Ghuman

Virender bhai

9 Amit  Chhetri

Amit Bodybuilding

10 Mukesh Kumar Gahlot

mukesh galhot


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