Branched Chain Amino Acid (BCAA)

Branched Chain Amino Acid:  These are the most popular supplement for the people who are doing strength training. BCAA are considered as the perfect supplement for the people who have a dream of muscle building and losing the body fat.

But many people say BCAA are the worthless supplement ever. They also say that the completed their requirement through the natural products. Is this right or wrong?

So today I will cover the entire topic related to BCAA.  And we also know how the BCAA works on our body.

What is Branched Chain Amino Acid?

BCAA stands of Branched Chain Amino Acid. These are the essential Amino acids leucine, Isoleucine, and Valine which compromise around 35% of our body muscle protein. These are also building blocks of protein.

In other words, the acid which cannot be synthesized by the body and obtained from dietary sources. This amino metabolized our muscles. These acids are also used in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, lateral hepatic and chronic hepatic and used to improve concentration.


Branched-chain amino acid fuels our muscles during the workout and helps to push our limits. Many kinds of research also prove that Branched Chain Amino Acid has the potential to act as a fuel during a workout.

The function of Branched Chain Amino Acid

As we know that protein is the main component in our body construction. It is made of different amino acids. In a human body, there are 9 non-essential amino acids present. There are as follows:

1 Valine

2 Leucine

3 Isoleucine

4 Threonine

5 Histidine

6 Tryptophan

7 Methionine

8 Phenylalanine

9 Lysine

These 9 amino acids cannot be synthesized in the body. We have to take it from a dietary supplement. But other 11 non-essential amino acids are easily synthesized within the body.


There is only 3 main function of Branched Chain Amino Acid in our body. These are as follows:

1 During the workout, it used as an efficient source of energy.

2 Make up the muscles because it composes 30-40% of essential acids.

3 Protects from breaking down the muscles protein.

When Should We Take BCAA?

Today people use different types of supplement to grow muscles. But most of the people did fulfill this dream. Because they didn’t have proper knowledge about supplements. And we the proper intake of any supplement gives shiny results.

branch chain amino acid

The best time to take BCAA is 15-30 minutes before your workout and you can use it immediately after your workout. Many research also said that 3-5 grams a day and as much as 50 grams a day with positive results. And many research also said that 10-15 grams a day are enough for best results.

Benefits of Branched Chain Amino Acid

These are some magical benefits of BCAA for our body.

1 When fatigue it improves training session.

2 Increase body Endurance.

3 Increases Mental focus.

4 Increase Sports Performance.

5 Stimulate Fat to lose.

6 Manage sleep disorders.

7 Source of strength for vegans.

Natural Source of BCAA

Beans Milk
Pumpkin Seeds Cheese
Nuts Chicken
Quinoa Turkey


Top Branded BCAA Supplements

1 Evlution Nutrition

evluation bcaa

2 Optimum Nutrition

on bcaa

3 Zhou Nutrition Muscle BCAA

zhou bcaa

4 MET-Rx BCAA 2200


5 Amino Slim

branched chain amino acid

So this all about Branched Chain Amino Acid. All the information given above is from the researches. I hope you will understand this easily. And remember one thing, use any supplement before consulting with your doctor and also beware of fake products.

If any queries related to BCAA please comment on the comment box. And keep sharing with all.


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