How We Build A Big Chest : As we know that Monday is the National bench day and chest is the most firstly trained muscle by most people. But the main problem with almost every chest workout is lack of complete information. Almost every third person did the wrong exercise. People only focus on the middle portion of the chest.

So Today, In this article I’m going to tell you how we build a big chest and also going to tell you the complete anatomy, Workout, tips and tricks, and supplementation in order to build chest muscles.

Anatomy: How We Build A Big Chest

If you want to develop your chest completely with massive size and massive definition, it is very important to know the complete anatomy of chest muscle. So here in this portion, I will be going to tell you the complete anatomy and the major parts which tell us how we build a big chest.

how we build a big chest

Anatomically, Our chest is completely divided into three major parts. These are Pectoralis Major which is large fan-shaped and substantial muscle. It contains the majority of chest mass. During training, it also benefits the shoulder and triceps muscles also.

how we build a big chest in 30 days

The second part of chest muscle is Pectoralis Minor. It is triangular shaped muscle which helps the shoulder muscle to pull forward and down. It is a very powerful muscle because it attached to 3rd, 4th, and 5th rib.

how we build a big chest in 4 weeks

The last part of our chest muscle is Serratus Anterior. It is not completely the part of our chest muscle but it helps to move scapula forward and upward.

how we build a big chest lik arnold

Workouts basis for beginners

As a beginner, your main focus has to be lifting properly with proper technique and lightweight. Once you learn the proper form and the proper technique, you can easily be varying sets and repetition as well as weight also. So here are some exercise which helps you to complete your dream of a big chest.

1 Push-ups

We know that pushups are one of the simple moves but some of the people do this correctly. So the correct technique of performing pushups is

push ups for how we build a big chest

Set up the position of your hands slightly wider than your shoulders.

Set up your body in a straight line from head to toe without any sagging movement. You can close or open your feet according to your comfort.

Before starting any movement, you have to tighten and contract your abdominal. Keep the core tight during the entire push up.

Now lower yourself slowly until your elbows position is at 90 degrees. Don’t lock your elbows.

Repeat this according to your workout.

2 Bench press

Lie on the bench and keep your eyes under the barbell rod.

how we build a big chest

Grab the bar with keeps your thumbs around the bar and also grab the bar from medium width.

Lower the bar slowly to your middle chest.

Press the bar up and repeat this.


3 Flat Dumbbell press

Lie on the bench with a dumbbell in each hand and lift weight according to your requirement. Keep your feet flat on the floor.

how we build a big chest

Push the weight in a way that your arms are over your shoulders.

Slowly down your weight until your elbows come below your shoulder.

Push the weight ups and repeat this process according to your workout. Keep in mind that you should not have to lock your elbows during exercise.


4 Dumbbell fly

Grab the set of dumbbell according to you comfortably.

Take a seat and grip the set of the dumbbell in such a way that our palms are facing each other.

Now, spread both the arms up into the air, and make sure that each of your palms is still facing the other hand’s palms.

chest workout

Now slowly up and down your hand according to your workout routine. During this exercise, our elbows should be slightly bent.

Best chest workout routines

Workout 1st

Exercise Sets Reps Rest
Barbell  Bench  Press Wide Grip 4


8 150 sec
Incline Barbell Bench Press Wide Grip 4


10 150 sec
Standing/Seated Pec Fly 4 10 120 sec
Incline Dumbbell Pec Fly 4 8 120 sec
Cable Cross 4 10 120 sec


Workout 2nd

Exercise Sets Reps Rest
Standing Cable Pec Fly 4 12 90 sec
Underhand Cable Cross 4 12 90 sec
Incline Dumbbell Pec Fly 4 12 90 sec
Wide-Grip Bench Press 4 10 120 sec
Single-Arm Cable Cross 4 15 120 sec


Workout 3rd

Exercise Sets Reps Rest
Push-ups 2 15 60 sec
Dumbbell  incline bench press 3 12 90 sec
Dumbbell flat bench press 2 10 90 sec
Dumbbell chest fly 2 15 60 sec
Push-ups 2 10 60 sec


These are some sample chest workout plan which is made and also used by the international bodybuilding athlete’s. If you want to want to build your chest like a monster, go through these workouts.

So this is the complete details of chest workout which tells us how we build a big chest. I hope everyone understands and also like this overview of chest workout. Thanks for reading this article, keep reading and share with your friends and family.

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