How We Build A Natural Body|Best Ways To Build A Natural Body

How We Build A Natural Body|Best Ways To Build A Natural Body

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How We Build A Natural Body: Today most of people ask me that how we build a natural body, but is it happens really? I said yes I happen. But condition is that if you have proper knowledge about the exercise and diet than it happens. So in this article we cover the topic how we make a natural body.

Muscle building is the process which doesn’t actually happen at the gym, it happens afterwards, during rest after workout. But people didn’t think that and do very intense workout and get injured or left gym in two or four days.

So Read today’s blog to know more as well as some Awesome tips on how  we build a natural body.

What is Natural Bodybuilding And How We Build A Natural Body

It is the a Physical activity by which we are trying to build a muscle or lose weight other words, Natural bodybuilding is the method in which a person a build muscle  without  using chemically made supplements.

As we know that almost each and every fitness freak, bodybuilder and new gym comer use different types of supplements or very high level medicines .But they did not know their side effects.

So this article is very important for every fitness lover and also important for those who want to start gym. Because today 70% of people didn’t have proper knowledge about the body. Due to lack of knowledge and poor training the get many types of body injuries.

How We Build A Natural Body

So, in this article we are going to cover all the fitness tips, facts, myths and workout routine for natural bodybuilder and know how we build a natural body.

What is the process to grow body muscle?

Before going far, first we know why the rest period is so important? During the workout time when we put stress on our body muscle, we create a microscopic tear on the muscle. Due to which our body fibers breaks and in rest time body repair it. And give stronger and bigger muscles to us.

After workout, Body wants proper rest and protein to repair the broken fibers and tissues. The repaired fibers are known as myofibrils. Myofibrils increase the number and Thickness of the muscle. The process is only complete when the breakdown of muscle protein is less than the rate of building muscle protein strands. There are two types of muscle growth in our body these are as follows:

1 Hypertrophy

2 Hyperplasia

Hypertrophy is the process when there is an increment in the size of the muscle fibers whereas Hyperplasia is also the process where there is increment in the number of muscle fibers. Stronger and bigger size of muscle is the resultant of both processes.

How We Build A Natural Body

This is some short theory about the fact in which our Muscle growth depends. Now, I am telling some scientific principal which tells us how we build a natural body.

Workout Routine For Natural Power Lifter

The most popular workout plan for natural power lifter is

Monday workout

Romanian Deadlift 2 set-6 Reps
Pull Up 2 set-6 Reps
Bent over Lateral 2 set-6 Reps
Standing Barbell Curl 2 set-6 Reps


Tuesday Workout

Front Squat 2 set-6 Reps
Bench Press 2 set-6 Reps
Dumbbell Lateral Raise 2 set-6 Reps
Lying Dumbbell Triceps Extension 2 set-6 Reps


Wednesday Workout

Lying Leg Curl 2 set-6 Reps
Dumbbell Pull Over 2 set-6 Reps one set of maximum
Pronated Chest 2 set-6 Reps
Preacher curl 2 set-6 Reps


Thursday Workout

Leg Extension 2 set-6 Reps and One set (6-8-10)
Peck Deck 2 set-6 Reps and one set of maximum
Military Press 2 set-6 Reps
Close Grip Decline Barbell Press 2 set-6 Reps


Friday Workout

Reverse Hyper 2 set-6 Reps
Supinated Lats Pull Down 2 set-6 Reps
Dumbbell Hammer Curls 2 set-6 Reps
Neutral Grip Cable Seated Row 2 set-6 Reps

Saturday Workout

Leg Press 2 set-6 Reps
Incline Bench Press 2 set-6 Reps and One set (6-8-10)
Dumbbell Front Raise 2 set-6 Reps
Rope Triceps Extension 2 set-6 Reps and One set (6-8-10)

Myths Related to the bodybuilding

Toady every person wants a beautiful body .But very less person achieve this, because they don’t have proper knowledge. They believe in the myths which are spread by some unknowledgeable person or trainer also. Here are some myths:

1:  You can’t make body naturally like professional bodybuilder without taking steroid.

This is only myth which is given by 75% of trainers to the students. All game of bodybuilding depends upon three things

  • Genetics
  • Workout
  • Nutrition
  • Rest

2:  Lift more and get more

This is totally wrong .Because lifts not matters more but proper technique depends.

3:  Lift free weight because this is better for growth

This again totally wrong because both are different process.

This is not totally wrong but muscle toning also depends upon your cardio and diet plan.

5:  At bulking period avoid cardio

Facts related to muscle building

Here are some facts related to bodybuilding, which are very important to know before joining the gym. These facts are also very important to know how we build a natural body. These are as follows:

1 Eat one gram of protein per-pound of body weight.

2 Take rest or sleep for 7-8 hours a day.

3 Always be positive to your goal and developer your positive attitude.

4 Don’t put stress on your mind.

5 Include cardio in your workout.

6 Include good fats in your diet.

7 select educated trainer and well equipped gym.

So these are the facts related to bodybuilding. Now I will discuss some natural supplements which are helpful to build body in natural way.

Natural supplements for bodybuilding

The most popular natural supplements in fitness industry are

1 Ashwagandha

Ashwagandha is very beneficial for health heart.

Ashwagandha is used to reduce mental stress.How We Build A Natural Body

Ashwagandha is used as antioxidants which is very useful for metabolism.

Ashwagandha increase sexual power.

Ashwagandha is also helpful in treatment of skin problem.

2 Goksura

Goksura boost our body stamina.

Goksura reduce the tiredness of our body.

How We Build A Natural Body fit

Goksura increases sex power.

It is beneficial in treatment eczema.

It is beneficial in erectile dysfunction.

3 Safed musli

It increases our body weight.

It increases the number of sperm in men.

How We Build A Body naturally

White musli is used for treatment of nightfall.

Safed musli increase the body energy level.

Safed musli is used in treatment for premature ejaculation.

But don’t take these supplements without doctor prescription. Because everyone have not same body.

So this is the overall information about natural bodybuilding. I hope this will help you to know how we make body naturally. Keep reading my future articles and share this with your family and friends.

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