How We Get a Big Biceps|Complete Biceps Making Guidelines

How We Get a Big Biceps|Complete Biceps Making Guidelines

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How we get a big biceps: Today big biceps and trips is the common goal of every gym lovers. Big biceps are considered to be the very attractive part of our body. This is only the part of the body that people noticed most. But most of the people did not achieve this goal, due to lack of knowledge and poor guidance.

So today in this article we have to know, how we get a big biceps. And get the complete overview of biceps exercise, Tips, and the mistake during the biceps workout.

Complete anatomy of biceps: How we get a big biceps

Before knowing, How We Get a Big Biceps it is very important to function and location of muscle. Our biceps anatomy includes two main parts biceps brachii and brachialis. The combination of two parts makes a complete biceps.

Biceps Brachii

Biceps brachii is the anatomical name of main biceps muscle and this is a Latin word. In English biceps brachii means two-headed arms.

How we get a big biceps in one week

These two head are known as short and long biceps heads, both are connected to the different place on the shoulder. But these have common point on elbow tendon.

Biceps Brachialis

The muscle lies in the upper arm that flexes the elbow joints known as brachialis. It is the bridge between the humerus (bone of upper arm) and ulna (forearm bone).

How we get a big biceps

So this is very important to know which process is working behind any muscle and how the muscle is functioning. Before going to know how we get a big biceps, now we have to know some general mistakes during the workout.

General mistakes during biceps workout

These are some general mistakes which we have to avoid during Big Biceps workout. so here is the Complete Biceps Making Guidelines. These are as follows:

Mistake 1: Doing too much

One thing we have to remember every time while during biceps workout Is that don’t overtrain biceps. Because more than any other parts of body arms is frequent victims of overtraining and overtraining reverse the biceps gain.

Mistake 2: Improper position Elbows

Most of the new gym comers are doing wrong curls. They people bring their elbow forward. So it was not able to activate the biceps brachii while performing biceps curls, keeps your elbow fixed.

Mistake3: Train biceps frequently

Most people perform biceps exercise every day. They did not give recovery time to their biceps. The reality is, intense workout and no rest is the big combo for failed biceps growth. Our biceps muscle is the small muscle of the body. So perform your biceps exercise a particular day.

Mistake 4: Not proper nutrition

When you want 22 inches arms, then with workout nutrition is very important. So use as much as protein-based diet.

So these are the general mistakes perform by peoples while during biceps workout. Now I will be going to tell some sample workout which helps us in our biceps exercise and know how we get a big biceps.

Sample Workouts for Big Biceps

Now here is the workout which helps to complete the dream of big biceps of any fitness lover.

How we get a big biceps

Sample workout: 1

Hammer curls 4-12 90 sec
Cable biceps curls 3-12 90 sec
Dumbbell Preacher 2-12 90 sec
Barbell Biceps Curl 4-8 2 min
Seated dumbbell 3-10 90 sec

Sample workout: 2

Single arm incline preacher curl 4-12 20 sec
Standing resistance band curls 4-12 15-20 sec
Incline dumbbell curls 4-10 15-20 sec
Standing hammer curls 4-10 60 sec

Sample workout: 3

Barbell curl 3-6 20-30 sec
Close grip bench press 3-4 20-30 sec
Dumbbell hammer curls 3-4 20-30 sec
Dips 3-6 15-20 sec
Standing dumbbell curl 2-8 15-20 sec
Dumbbell overhead triceps press 2-8 20-30 sec

Sample workout: 4

Chin up 3*6-8 15-20 sec
Incline dumbbell curls 3*6-8 15-20 sec
Concentration curls 3*6-8 15-20 sec
Reverse E-Z Bar curls 3*6-8 15-20 sec

This is some sample workout plan which is made by the international bodybuilding athlete ’s. Try any of those workouts for 1-2 months and see the hidden benefits of the workout.

So this is the complete overview of arms workout which tells us how we make a big biceps. I hope everyone likes the given information and able to understand the criterion of biceps exercise.

Thanks for reading this article, keep reading and share with your friends and family.



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